Water Tankers & Diesel Bowsers

Machinery Contractors designs, manufactures and repairs Water Tankers & Diesel Bowsers for mining, earthmoving and construction applications.

We are known for building quality tanks with reliable after sales support. Our tanks are specifically designed to fit Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) chassis. The centre of gravity is low making our units very stable.  The tanks use the standard bin pivot pin attachment and hydraulic cylinder attachment points, and bin rest points.
Machinery Contractors tanks can be fitted to a brand new ADT, or retrofitted to an older machine.

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We manufacture tanks ranging from 13 000 to 85 000 L capacities:
  • Water Tankers range from 14 000L to 85 000 L capacities
  • Diesel Bowsers range from 13 000L to 50 000 L capacities

Machinery Contractors Tanks consists of a robust and heavy-duty internal baffle system, incorporating the use of specialised steel in critical areas. The baffles are arranged in compartments to control the surging effect of water and other liquids. The tanks are positioned and balanced on the ADT chassis to ensure handling stability. Our attention to detail and high quality standards set us apart from the rest of the market.


There are a wide variety of tank accessories available:



We use a range of pumps depending on your specific requirements.  Flow rates from 800 L/min.

Pump Activation

The discharge or water pump is activated and operated using the standard base dump truck’s hydraulic body hoist pump system.

Spray Control System

The operator is able to control the spray nozzles and water nozzles from inside the cab. The activation solenoids are protected from dust and water ingress.  All harness wiring is sealed against the elements by using high quality cabling, sheathing and quality connectors.

Tank Level Indicator

A simple full height clear tube is located on the front of the tank in a protected channel providing clear visibility of the water or fuel level to anyone on the ground and the operator inside the cab.

Spray Heads

Our standard spray heads are made of brass and provide fan spread of 180º. The spray heads are automatically activated when the pump is turned on in the machine cab.

Rear Spray Bars

Both vertically and horizontally-mounted spray bars are available. The spray bar consists of a 125 mm steel pipe running the full width, or height, of the tank. A spray width of at least 9 m can be achieved on all tanker sizes.


A suitable length of flexible external suction hose with a strainer is provided along with a foot valve control. A priming tap is provided for easy priming of the suction hose.


Machinery Contractors tanks are internally grit blasted prior to application of heavy anti-corrosive twin pack epoxy then top coated with dealer choice of one color. The external surface is prepared and painted in the same manner as all Machinery Contractors machines. Other colors and custom graphics can be requested.

Fill Ports

Two or more 500 mm diameter hinged manhole covers provide filling and service access to the tank compartment to make maintenance of the interior coating as easy and safe as possible.

Deck Access

All Machinery Contractors tanks include access ladders/steps with handrails to the top of the tank.  With an Anti-skid walkway on roof of tank make a safe surface. Folding and customized safety railing is available upon request.


Dual tail lights, top and bottom of tank are installed for more visibility in various applications. The tail lights on Machinery Contractors tanks are LED type for long life and low maintenance. An optional rear-facing light mounted to the back of the cab is available.

Water Cannons

Water cannons/monitors are available on special request. They are a stainless steel swivel joint design. They can either be controlled remotely via electrics from the cab or manually from the top of the tank.

Fire Suppression

Should you require your tanker to be used as a fire engine, the tanker can be equipped with a foam agent system, spraying foam through the water cannon. The system includes a foam agent tank imbedded into the main water tank, adjustable foam nozzle, and actuation controls. Standard fire fighting quick couplers can be added for hose connections.