Cable Reelers

Machinery Contractors specialises in custom design and manufacturing of Cable Reelers.

Our hydraulically driven Cable Reeler allows for quick drum change and is fully remote operated and controlled from inside and outside the cab. The Cable Reeler and all related components are designed and manufactured to strict safety standards and include a full risk assessment.

Machinery Contractors Cable Reelers can be fitted to Wheel Loaders or Wheel Dozers (Recommended for Wheel Dozers). Once equipped with the MC Quick Coupler System (Optional), mounting of the Cable Reeler is simple - Drive up and go. The only need for getting out of the cab is to connect the hydraulic lines required to power the drum.

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Machinery Contractors Cable Reelers are ruggedly constructed and designed for ease of maintenance and simple operation.
Features include:

  • Rapid reel interchange without ground helper. "Lift & Go" Drive System
  • Allows partial cable deployment with access to both couplers
  • Drum sizes to suit cable size and manufacturers specs for bend radius and allowable tension forces
  • Different drums are compatible with the complete system
  • Improved efficiency with faster pick up and lay down of cable
  • Reduced downtime of machines
  • Reduced cable and coupler damage
  • Fewer support people required thereby reducing labour cost
  • Prevent electrocution/shock incidents
  • Fewer ground crew around moving machines thereby reducing risk of injury

Machinery Contractors offers 2 Cable Reeler models, suitable for your specific requirements:

MC 6000 Cable Reeler - Light Duty (10,2 kg/m) cable payout/retrieval system, ideal for shaft lift cables.
MC 6500 Cable Reeler - Heavy Duty (16,4 kg/m) cable payout/retrieval system, ideal for open pit and underground mining operations.

  1. A hydraulically driven system controlled from within the machine cab
  2. Fitted with hydraulic pressure control cylinders with a built in safety release mechanism
  3. Hydraulic motor drives fitted with solid rubber wheels and pressure sensor, adjustable from the machine cab
  4. Wheel friction can be increased/decreased to accommodate dry or wet weather conditions via a monitor fitted in the machine cab
  5. Safety-catches are fitted with adjustable pressure relieve valves in case of severe impact
  6. MC Cable Reelers does not require machines to be fitted with a tilt cylinder, thereby improving operator visibility
  7. The hydraulic system is re-routed allowing safe working functions via the joysticks
  8. MC Cable Reelers display all safety markings and reflectors as per mining requirements
  9. MC Cable Reelers comes standard with a Mechanical Structural Engineer’s Certificate with the necessary safety factor, required for a lifting device
  10. Standard delivery time – See MC Terms & Conditions
  11. 1 Year standard warranty on Machinery Contractors Cable Reelers

MC6000 - Drum No.1
MC6500 - Drum No.2




Cable capacity

95 mm²

120 mm²

Cable weight (per meter)

10,2 kg/m

16,4 kg/m

Max cable length (per drum)

300 m

300 m

Total cable weight (without drum)

3 060 kg

4 920 kg

Minimum bending radius of cable

555 mm

780 mm

Outside diameter of cable

84 mm diameter

98 mm diameter